Maheen Noor Soomro

Talent Acquisition Expert | Employee Well-being & Organisation Transformation Consultant | Career Coach | Artist

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Business Solutions

I work with businesses to help them develop better HR Policies, Processes and Stronger Organisational Culture. It helps them to engage employees and retain them for the longer run. I also work actively with Entrepreneurs and Startups to improve their decision making & Employee Management Skills.

Coaching Startups & EntrepreneursReboot Your Organisational Culture

Clients I Have Worked With

Consultancy Services for Individuals

I work with individuals to help them focus on their Career Development as well as Personal Development inspirations. I actively work with men & women who are struggling in their careers to help them discover their career focus. I also work with youth, women and individuals in general to help them design ways of improving their personal self.

Re-design YourselfCareer Focus

Client Appreciation

  • I contacted Maheen Noor Soomro for a webinar for Wings to Women Facebook community. Maheen was very kind to make time in her busy schedule that too on a weekend. Maheen kept it very realistic by opening the webinar with her own journey to Mushawar consulting, I think most women entrepreneurs could relate to their success. Her knowledge on the topic was very thorough. She was extremely punctual. Detail oriented. Very polite to all the queries at hand. It is so impressive to see women entrepreneurs like Maheen and Noor to think beyond a 9-5 job, and do what they are most passionate about, not many have the courage to follow their dreams.
    Lots of best wishes for your future endeavors.

    Sehrish Dogar, CTC Operations Executive, GSK
  • Maheen is a very socially adept individual which makes her perfectly suited to the field of HR. Maheen is a competent professional with a vision and the ability to execute what she envisions.
    Speaking from my personal experience, I would say that she always approaches matters in a conscientious manner, doing her best to ensure that her involvement results in a positive outcome. She has a professional, positive and result oriented attitude. Wishing her best of luck for her consultancy and her career.

    Ameera Nihal, Community & Content Manager, 360 Factors Inc.
  • I’ve always relied on one person for my professional and career development and that is Maheen Noor Soomro. Not only has she always guided me through my years but also proven to be the perfect mentor. A person who is not only easy to talk to but also a very good listener. Wishing her best of luck for the future because she is definitely reaching heights!

    Abeer Salman, Social Media Manager, Parhlo
  • Maheen is a true professional, i started my career under her leadership . She helped me out in grooming myself and overcoming my weaknesses. She is a listener, a coach a mentor, a friend and an excellent person. She has contributed in my personality development and my success. I wish her luck for all her upcoming projects.

    Madiha Khan, HR Business Partner, Muller & Phipps

Powering Women

I work with Women individually and in groups to help them identify their life focus. I help them to see themselves with a new perspective through Workshops, Guest Speaker Sessions and More.


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