Life can be overwhelming at times with several hats to put on and just one head to cover. You often wish you had more hours in a day or a magic wand that would whoosh your troubles away. But we all know that’s not going to happen and sooner or later you will have to deal with life as it is.

Its best to face your demons with determination and focus instead of worrying about the challenges that you may face. In this manner, you are more likely to succeed that too without causing damage to your mental and physical health.
How can stress damage you?

Stress can take various forms, psychologically it can impair your ability to focus and make decisions. Similarly, physically stress may cause blood pressure issues, obesity, and migraines. Emotionally when you are under stress you may not be able to deal with people and situations with strength.

Stress Management must play a vital role in your life. Stress does not just affect who you are as a person but also your ability to live your life and interact with others. It also is a great determinant of success in your life.
Five Easy Stress Busters to help you fight back Stress!

Whenever you feel you are beginning to feel a great strain on your energy levels and that your brain is experiencing a block. There are some relaxation techniques you can use to De-stress yourself. I myself use quite a few of these and they always shine through for me.

1. Breathing Exercises:

When I feel like the work pressure is getting to me but I also cannot completely shut off work and de-stress. I practice some breathing exercises, which help me calm down and refocus. It also helps you in case you have high blood pressure!
• Take a deep breath in and then hold your breath and count till five and exhale. Repeat this three times. Take another deep breath in, hold your breath and count till ten and now exhale. Repeat this three times. You can do this exercise another three times and count till 15.
• Another great breathing exercise is to take a deep breath in and exhale it out with a push. Do this on a medium-fast pace five to ten times. You can pause after the first five times.

2. Fragrance Scented Candles:

This works for me like nothing else does! I can use the cheapest scented candles I can find to the most expensive ones available at the store. I use some from Karachi Candle Company, Habitt has some in stock and Airwick has some amazing ones in very reasonable prices. You can check out your local supermarket and see the scented candle to see what is available. Major brands such as Bath and Body Works often has great options to choose from.
I keep a stock of these at home and at work. When I know that nothings easing me down, then I know I need to light up my candles. It has this soothing effect immediately. In fact, I light a few scented candles every night before I go to sleep just to calm my racing mind.

3. Take a Quiet Stroll:

Sometimes just to break the monotony of working continuously at home or at work, it’s best to get up and go out. A change in your posture and environment helps to take your mind off things that are stressing you out.
Take a stroll in the office or even the house; just go up and down your stairs. Fresh air in the garden, on the terrace or your rooftop would help.

I often walk in a park after work ends; it helps me stay fit and active. I listen to some music, spend some quality alone time to sort things out in my head and refocus.

4. Relaxing Shower Time:

When you are stressed out and your mind is working over time making you feel over-whelmed; you want to be left alone. What’s better than a relaxing bath where you can shut your mind off and spend some time alone with yourself?
You could always listen to your favorite music to turn off the music in your head.

5. Call it a night:

If nothing works and by the end of the day you are still feeling stress in your shoulders; then you could always call it a night, cuddle in your bed and watch some rom-coms and comedy sitcoms or even some old favorite movies. Your family movies are not off limits either. Just something that would help you relax and laugh.

Ofcourse Stress and anxiety have different triggers for different people. The best solution is always to look at what may be causing you stress in the first place. Killing the root of the problem helps in the long term. But casual work related stress can always be busted with what makes you feel calm and composed. A good book, a nice cup of hot chocolate or maybe a tub of Belgian Chocolate Ice cream – whatever works for you!

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