There is so much talk happening about the importance of positive thinking, being around positive people and taking out time for mindfulness. We often in our brash reasoning paint everyone with the same brush. We often forget how difficult it is for someone who is suffering from depression or anxiety to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Also, we forget that not everyone has the strength and the stamina to work on self-discipline. Not everyone has the guidance and support one needs to change his or her life and circumstances around.

When I speak to many of my mentees, I let them know that its okay if in the beginning its difficult for them to see the big picture. The frustration one feels to be stuck in a rut does not go away in a blink of an eye. To be able to see the future, to be able to dream again and to live again without doubt and anxiety; is an uphill task that requires consistency, support and a lot of times guidance.

Cultivating Positive Thinking:

Being positive in your thinking and your life is a behavior that you can condition your mind to learn with time and practice. With patience for oneself, the determination to be happy and some key lessons in mind; you can achieve positive thinking. The struggle is real, but like everything in life. Hard work and resilience get you through this tough journey. The results are often surprising and more rewarding than you perceived them to be.

  • Believing in yourself

The first change you have to acquaint yourself to is to leading yourself into believing in yourself.

“God helps those that help themselves”

Never giving up on yourself, no matter what the odds are. Telling yourself “I can do this”. Repeating it to yourself again and again, everyday.

Just getting up everyday knowing that when you have your mental and emotional support – you can get through anything. Be on your own team.

  • Hoping for a better outcome

When you start something on a positive note, it’s a huge probability that it will end on a positive note. Positive thinking helps attracts positivity in your life. You eliminate negativity and its sources.

Even failure does not look nor feel like the end of the world anymore because you already are hoping for a better next turn.

  • Keep it Moving

Even, when its not the end you imagined it to be our the outcome you fought for. You remember it and learn from it and then keep your head up and move on.

Its so important for you to understand that lamenting and wasting time on your failure will not bring about results. What will bring you results is your attitude and your will to go on.

  • Surrounding yourself with Good Company

People who work hard, appreciate people who work hard. Positive thinkers never give up, never give bad advice and never let you down. Surrounding yourself with positive energy will always yield positive results.

People who believe in the future, who believe in hopes and dreams will always understand your struggle. They will recognize your frustration and still give you good advice that will help you.

  • Spot The difference between Good Advice & Destructive Criticism

Criticism can be coming from a good place too. People who have identified and improved their weaknesses have succeeded in life more than those who have ignored their blindspots. But it’s always better to know where that criticism and advice is coming from.

I always tell my mentees they can easily spot the difference. A good advice comes with great alternatives and solutions. A Negative feedback that is directed to hurt you comes with criticism and lack of improvement solutions.

However when you become a pro at positive thinking, when you even hear a negative feedback without advice on how to improve. You, yourself start coming up with alternative solutions. If the advice is genuine, it always becomes a great opportunity for progression.

  • Take care of yourself

Take out time for yourself to stress in an otherwise chaotic lifestyle. Build some rules around your personal health regimes, such as improved dietary habits, increased sleep-time and eliminating digital gadgets from your personal time. Take out half an hour for your personal hobbies. Detox your mind and your body.

  • Remember the Good Times

Make albums, hang pictures, write blogs, diaries or watch movies that remind you about your memorable life events.

Go to your happy place in your mind and your heart when you are trying to think positively. You need to remember what being happy felt like to be able to fight for it everyday.

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