I help people help themselves.

An IT Recruitment & Executive Headhunting Specialist, An Organisation Transformation/Culture Evolution Consultant, Career Coach, Motivational Speaker, Women & Youth Empowerment and Development Activist. Entrepreneur running successful Global firm (South Asia, Middle East and UK) Mushawar UK Ltd (a recruitment, web development & content/blog writing consulting company), Busy in conquering more markets, more people, more industries – one thing at a time.

Senior HR Professional who has hands on work experience as the top IT Head Hunter in Asia & Middle East, Talent Acquisition Expert, Employee Wellbeing & Engagement Trainer, Organisation Culture Transformation Leader, HR Policy & Process Consultant, Career Coach roles in ME and Pakistan. Lead multiple teams in the Information technology, Computer Software, Logistics, Retail, Oil & Gas sectors to name a few.

– Talent Acquisition for technical & non-technical resources for the company and for outsourcing resources/staff augmentation in UAE/KSA/Pak on behalf of the company.

– Working with firms to help initiate and sustain employee wellbeing/engagement/diversity management & inclusion programs

– Helped organisations focus on retaining the future of their business, i.e. Human resources through effective on boarding programs, personal development, mentoring and in-house coaching programs.

– Business Partnering with key Leaders within the company and ensuring uniform communication within divisions as well as delivering sustainable strategies across the board to improve the Corporations reputation and maximizing the image building goals.

– Conducted, Launched various Women Empowerment and Leadership Courses in South Asia, Middle East and UK

– Working with Various Youth Development platforms in South Asia, Middle East and UK

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