Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle

Had the most beautiful morning walk on the way to work today. Alhamdullilah (that means all praise and thanks to God). I believe in the beauty and power of a supreme being, allah/ god. Wherever you are, whatever you do, you have to see the fine balance this universe was created on.

Everything is the way it is because someone enabled it to be the way it is. Similarly we are who we are and to enable our talent, creativity and other abilities we have to give our self-discovery and actualisation time and patience.

We have to believe that we have to keep trying and unveiling parts of us that are still not uncovered. To find our true calling and to identify our spirit and our motive in life – we have to give ourselves some time away from materialistic goals and responsibilities. And then be thankful, if you believe in god be thankful to him, and if you love your parents be thankful to them, if you have children and a spouse be thankful to them. But most of all be thankful to yourself, your body, your soul, you.

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