5 Easy Stress Busters that help fight back anxiety! 

Life can be overwhelming at times with several hats to put on and just one head to cover. You often wish you had more hours in a day or a magic wand that would whoosh your troubles away. But we all know that’s not going to happen and sooner or later you will have to Continue reading 5 Easy Stress Busters that help fight back anxiety! 

7 Great Tips on How to think Positive (No matter What!)

There is so much talk happening about the importance of positive thinking, being around positive people and taking out time for mindfulness. We often in our brash reasoning paint everyone with the same brush. We often forget how difficult it is for someone who is suffering from depression or anxiety to see the light at Continue reading 7 Great Tips on How to think Positive (No matter What!)

How to Rebrand Yourself – Quick tips for a Strong Personal Brand

Whether you work on it with caution or unconsciously – you are a brand. One that needs rebranding every time you accomplish something or when you’ve aged a little.
Rebranding yourself is a constant just like Change is a constant. If you’re smart you will put some thought to it and capitalise on the impact you make. Here’s my two cents on how you can rebrand yourself.

10 ways for successful employee retention strategy

Employee Retention is crucial for any organization to prosper. The amount of resources it takes to train an employee on the job and the kind of information that is lost with every exit is too much of a strain on the Company. As a Human Resource Professional or as A top Management professional you need Continue reading 10 ways for successful employee retention strategy

Five Positive Ways to Being a Fantastic Parent

No parent wants to see their child go through difficult times and everyone’s’ version and experience of parenting is different. However, “The Child is born with a clean slate, parents must understand that whatever behavior he or she is exhibiting is basically what he/she has learnt from the environment they are being raised in. The screaming, the wailing, the stubbornness, the anger and the demands – all of them are a culmination of the factors they are exposed to at home and at school.”
Here are five positive tips for young parents to read.…/five-positive-ways-to-being-a-fan…
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