So many times during my counseling or coaching sessions – people would mention how one loss or painful moment has defined the many mistakes or error in judgement in their personal and professional lives. How it has now changed them and holds them back.

They often ask a very simple question – How do you deal with pain? with loss? What do you do? Over the years, this is what i tell myself and everyone else i speak to on organic healing.

Sometimes a Life’s Loss, just passes you by. It doesn’t grieve you, doesn’t pain you, doesn’t bug you, doesn’t leave you speechless or breathless. It just goes away. And you get busy in all those things you call “Life”.

But then unknowingly it will creep up on you, it will seep through your bones, it will shadow your soul and hit you when you least expect it to. It falters your thinking process, makes you unable to respond, bars you from logic and freezes you in a time and place where all you want to do is escape.

This sudden jolt is worse than a grieving period. When you grieve, your pain numbs down, you start accepting things and then very humanly you adapt and try to move on.

I am reiterating this to myself, like other things, pain should be experienced as and when it happens. Losing someone is not easy, but you cannot run past it, you cannot escape and you cannot avoid it. It will come backand haunt you in ways you won’t be able to cope up with it. People would have no idea how to deal with your sudden out bursts.

So like everything in life, celebrate your loss. Recognize it in its face, understand what life will be without this person, cry, grieve and let your emotions flow. Make yourself feel. Do not let this moment pass. Because this is an organic way of dealing with life. Head on, Straight up and unapologetic.


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