maheen noor soomro
maheen noor soomro

Missing my short hair because then when i has them in curls they looked nicer and the curls were rounded and would stick without actually being sticky and thick. In this picture you can see the curls didn’t hold and didn’t look as firm as in my older curly hair pictures. That’s just too sad.

Now my hair length is somewhere in the middle and I’m trying to grow them cuz I want to. Have had the short hair now since November 2017 actually and this girls finaaaallly ready to make a change. This picture is at least a few months old. And my hair I feel like – just the same length. I haven’t gotten them cut and they are still short. 😢😭

I don’t understand, how people grow their hair and change them so quickly. I mean, I’ve been stuck with my short hair since like forever. Been actually trying to take care of them very recently and pampering them with this relatively pricey hair care range. Will give review if it actually works. Till then, have a GREAT week guys. I’m only sleeping and dying to sleep the entire day at work. 

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