Book and Interview Prep Session!

People often are under-prepared or over-prepared for their interviews. The whole experience overwhelms them and is often a reason why they are unable to get hired. With over 10 years of interacting with people on the other side of the table as an interviewer and recruiter, i work with people who need my help to prepare them for interviews.

If you are heavily invested in your job application process and are still failing to lock a new position down. Perhaps it is time you just tweaked your interview preparation. I cannot help you with your technical knowledge, but what i can do is help you dress right, improve your communication & tone and just have the right attitude to ace your interview.

Considering an interview prep session with me? Here’s how we do this:

  • You use the Contact form on this page or email me your request.
  • I will email back with the contract for you to review and a link for your to book your first discovery session with me.
  • Discovery Session – 10 Mins. This Session helps the you and me to engage on one and one and assess if we find a personality fit before engaging in a contract.
  • At the end of the session I will request you to share with me the Signed Contract
  • I will email you the Payment Link and invoice to pay for the session.
  • You will sign the agreement and pay the 100% advance for Service. (Non-refundable)
  • You will then Book a Counseling Session online using the same link as you did for the Discovery Session.
  • For New Sessions, you will use the same Process for booking as per the above process. You will receive an invoice online that will need to be paid in advance.
  • All Sessions will be scheduled after the advance payment has been made.

Still confused? Drop me an email at or just fill out the contact form. I look forward to working with you and assisting you in reaching your goals.