Over the years i have been fortunate enough to have the consistent support of Family, Friends, Mentors and Colleagues. I have had the opportunity to work with people who saw talent and nurtured it without any bias. I often get the chance to speak to students, professionals and women at Guest Speaking Sessions, Seminars, Workshops and Trainings as well as through Press and Interviews.

Mizlink Pakistan

Maheen Noor Soomro, Co-Founder/Partner Talent Acquisition, HR Solutions & Employee Engagement Division Mushawar Consulting Your city: Karachi

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Pakistani Women in Tech – Maheen Noor Soomro – OxGadgets
In our latest series of articles, we want to highlight the wonderful women from Pakistan who are the movers and shakers of their tech scene.  Pakistan is a country which earns a[..

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Women’s Own Magazine

Piece of Career Advice for Young Women -My only consistent advice to young women, women everywhere and a reminder to meevery day is that never give up, believe in yourself and don’t wait for anyone to give you an opportunity. Make your own opportunities, own your circumstances and then give it your best shot, every day, repeatedly…

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Launching a groundbreaking digital program “Empowering Women Leadership,” trailblazers Hira Ali and Maheen Noor Soomoro talk about creating positive change in the corporate sector through inclusion, capacity building in women and disabling gendered work environments via diversity.


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August Issue of the Digital Women EMagazine on ISSUU

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Jang News

A Popular Urdu News Publication in Pakistan

Code Girls

This is a special shoutout to an initiative that’s very close to my heart: #WomenEmpowerment at the grass root level by a bunch of talented superstars from #pakistan ‘s tech industry, with otherwise minimal access to financial and other resources. #codegirlskhi is a #nonprofit#educational initiative launched by Faiza Yousuf and Shamim Rajani . These women collaborated with some great tech industry professionals and other awesome #women from #womenintechpk, (the community faiza launched and that I absolutely love to bits, and am proudly a Member of). The programs launchteam interviews and selects deserving candidates for the training, and they don’t have to pay a penny to enroll except that they really need to show they want to do this. If you want to get educated in tech, entrepreneurship, legal laws, accounting, financing, customer dealing, soft skills for success, then this is definitely a program you should apply for. All you’ve got to do is show them you want to make something out of your life. Also, if you’re someone whose just as mind blown and in awe of what an amazing idea this was, you can donate to them and sponsor a girl. Do what’s right, not just for today but for our collective future!

Paparazzi Magazine

Attending the LadiesFund Luncheon