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Life Surprises You, If you’re ready to Love it!

London Sights and Sound

Sights and sounds of London. I was at St. Christopher’s, Barrett Street, London. It wasn’t something I planned but something I walked into. That’s just what London is. Surprises you when you least expect it. Has the prettiest secret pathways that are such a great place to spend your day in, working, contemplating about life […] Read more…

Good Workplace, Good Vibes!

My Office

I am so fixated with having a workplace that resonates my personality. Like I just can’t work somewhere where I don’t feel I can be myself. A good workplace is such an important part of staying motivated and performing a 100% everyday! If you haven’t done this, spend a small amount on what and how […] Read more…

Being Thankful

Windsor Castle

Had the most beautiful morning walk on the way to work today. Alhamdullilah (that means all praise and thanks to God). I believe in the beauty and power of a supreme being, allah/ god. Wherever you are, whatever you do, you have to see the fine balance this universe was created on. Everything is the […] Read more…