Now that I have your attention because of these beautiful flowers that my husband got for me some time back. I want to talk about success in everything we do.

Work, personal life, academics – all of them require the same formula. The power of commitment, the power of belief & the power of dedication – without these there can never ever be any real success.

Success happens only when you truly trust yourself and your capabilities and then push to showcase your best performance. Results don’t come to anyone who plays it’s safe, or only does enough. Results come when you do more without being asked, when you deliver outstanding results without being told, when you pull out a surprise.

If you worry about the hours you put in, the days you’ve worked, you’re not really looking for success you’re basically just looking to live each day – survive never thrive.

But where’s the fun in survival when you can thrive, grow, shine!

So push yourself, push yourself out of your comfort ones if you want to be seen. If you want to be heard, then you need to put yourself out there. Go an extra mile today and see the change.

You’ll never regret it.

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