When we are talking about Women’s Rights – Alot of us just talk about Equality for all. How women should be treated as Equals to Men, But then there are those who defy this and say Women are not Equal but actually superior to Men.

As William Golding once famously said “I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been.”

The video i’m sharing today actually touches one universal topic of conflict and that is Equal treatment of women in the workforce. Whether its about pay or promotion – Women in the Workforce are only considered second best and paid or dealt with accordingly.

This Video just resonates the fact that, what men do and how men are – its not that they don’t face hardships or difficulties. But its a fact that women endure so much more as person throughout their life spans.

In Eastern Culture, Women leave their parents and move in with a new set of strangers who may or may not treat her well. She may or may not have equal rights or ANY rights in this new surrounding.

Women globally are the ones carrying a being in themselves for 9 months and are expected to still perform all their duties and responsibilities. How many of you got a raised eye or a frown when you applied for your maternity leave? Not just physically the process is tiring and difficult – yes rewarding but difficult. But its also the mental and emotional changes a woman goes through during those 9 months and after. Her life changes completely. New Set of priorities are shaping her world and she’s expected to fast forward all of these changes.

Women are held accountable for a child’s upbringing and attitude – they are the primary care givers. Whereas men can bypass all house chores and not be responsible for any wrong-doing by their children. Even though its been proven as a life science fact that Fathers have more impact on a childs mental and emotional growth.

With the growing challenges of maintaining lifestyles and requirements of a family, women are expected to work along with taking care of the household responsibilities.

Keeping all of this in consideration, for me i believe, Organizations should not just focus on Equal pay and promotion but also the extra support women require to battle each day to stay standing. Not just as a Mother, Sister, Daughter but also a Citizen, a Coworker and a Leader.


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